Second Darkness (Lyle's)

What Has Gone Before

It all started in Riddleport. We all came for our own personal reasons, but we all ended up at the Golden Goblin, a casino, for a tournament. Some were here to play, some were here for work, and some were here to investigate the strange goings on, including that black blot in the sky. Well, there we were, in that den of iniquity, gambling away, when opportunity struck. From the back of the casino, came several armed men, one of then slinging spells. We took action, and in no time we had put the threat down. For our efforts we were hired as security by the owner of the casino.

Well, after a couple months working at the casino, we became too much of a threat to the owner, and he went about having us killed. Backfired on the little bastard, it did. We came back and fought him in his own lair, only to have him disappear into the hidden smugglers tunnels under Riddleport. We followed him. That’s when we discovered the strangest thing. A black elf. Not black like the feral elves of the Mwangi Jungle, but black like coal, with white hair. There was one living under the casino, and aparently our ex-boss was working for her…feeding her information and supplies. All the while she was altering the magic of the Cypher Gate, the ancient, rune-encrusted arch that spans Riddleport’s harbor. Whatever she had been doing, was the cause of that blot thing in the sky, as well as all the other strangeness.

Well, just as we were climbing back out of those tunnels after taking care of that black elf, that’s when the sky fell. Bright as day, that star streaked across the sky and slammed into Devil’s Elbow. That’s the small island off the coast. Shortly after that, the harbor dried up…and then all the water came back in a big wave. Caused lots of havok down by the harbor.

In the next couple weeks, there was rumor of skymetal being in that star that fell from the sky. All sorts of factions set sail to get out there. We had fallen into ownership of the casino, but were interested in getting out to the island to see what was going on out there. That’s when we were approached by the elves. Aparently, when we had told Kwava, the elven ranger who helped us out of that ambush out in the Boneyard, about the black elf, he had gone running back to his people. The elves were mighty interested in this black elf. Took her away for questioning and set us on a ship for Devils Elbow.

What we found on Devil’s Elbow was a gold rush of a sort. But it weren’t gold that people were finding, it was some strange green star metal. We soon came to realize that the star that fell wasn’t just carrying the starmetal, but also some strange alien creature. Turns out, if you got bit by this blue lion-like creature, sure as rain, you would come up dead and rise up as some zombie creature with this big blue tongue. Well, we weren’t too keen on them. After being assautled by a large number of them, losing our wine (all three cases!!!) and riding that tower down the cliff, we decided we needed some friends.

That’s when we hooked up with Gleg Zincher, one of the crimelords from Riddleport. He hadn’t been too friendly before, but he hadn’t been as bad as the other crimelords there. Seemed they were the prospectors coming out on top. But something wasn’t right. Zincher was acting funny. We decided to follow him one night and he wandered on down to the water where we saw him disappear into a rock face. Before morning he was back at camp.

Well, we decided to check it out. And a good thing we did. We discovered a sea cave, where those darned black elves were holed up. Well, we took care of them, and what interesting things did we find! Aparently those dark elves had called down that rock from the sky, and the runes they had carved on Devil’s Elbow acted as a target! Furthermore, the leader of the dark elves on the island planned on taking a large amount of the star metal and some of those alien dog creatures back to a wizard named Novleniss in a place called Celwynvian (pronounced kel-OON-vee-an, stupid elves and their weird language!), and something called The Armageddon Echo.

We returned to Riddleport and game our information to Kwava. A couple days later, he came back and said his superiors wanted to meet with us in an elven village of Crying Leaf. Aparently that Keloonvian place was an ancient ruined elven city, and the drow…those dark elves…were running amok in it. The elves wanted us to help them fight a war against these ‘drow’.

Well, after much talk, we decided since we were up in the Mierani Forest, a couple weeks travel from Riddleport, that we would check this Keloonvian out. We went out on short missions for the elves to take key locations in the city; a Library, an Alchemist’s Lab, rescuing an elven commander who had been captured by the elves… Over the course of our excursions, it became apparent that the drow disappeared from the city at certain times, only to reappear. It was when we attacked the Acadamy of the Arts we discovered they were hiding out in some pocket dimension. It also became apparent that they were looking to recreate Earthfall….the original apocalypse that occurred 10000 years ago when a huge chunk of rock fell from the sky, destroying many civilizations. Well, just as we were about to take them, they started a retreat. We followed, and ran into this tentacled fish-creature. With a touch it turned Rab and Tabor’s skin to clear slime. Well we killed it, as well as the barbarian drow guarding the extra-dimensional portal, and slipped in just before it closed.


Ljstirk cmanos

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